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Its important to find someone you can rely on and trust when you need help with your canine friend. Hear what my clients have to say about engaging The Pack Leader.


“Jack was a rescue dog & needed some basic training. I was impressed with Kerrie's gentle, persistent manner & her perception. She quickly summed Jack up & implemented strategies to curb the pulling on the lead & incessant barking.


I have recommended Kerrie to a friend & she is 'over the moon' with her dog's progress.Kerrie not only runs a thriving business but works for community organisations. I wholeheartedly recommend her to any owner needing help to socialise a dog.”


Judy, Dog Owner


"We met Kerrie one year ago after needing help with our over excited Staffy puppy, Reznor. With Kerrie’s expert guidance and patience our Staffy has calmed down significantly,  obeys commands and behaves a lot better in general.


Kerrie even managed to train him to run on the treadmill which we incorporate into his daily routine. Kerrie is an amazing dog trainer and we would highly recommend her to anyone."


Debbie F, Reznor's Mum


"I approached The Pack Leader, run by Kerrie Whiteman, because we where having trouble with our two male Whippets.  They were 9 months old at the time and came from difficult backgrounds making them fairly antisocial.  On occasions they would even have aggressive fights with each other.


The Pack Leader helped by giving me the knowledge and skills to become the pack leader, there bye taking control of the situation.  The results were immediate and lasting.  We went from looking at rehoming one of them, which was awfully stressful for our young children, to them both living in harmony with our family.  It is still a work in progress but Kerrie has taught us the techniques to train and handle our dogs.


Kerrie has an easy going nature and a wealth of knowledge on dog behaviour.  She is also happy to come to your home and point out issues that exist as well as providing customised practical advice.  Her phone support and follow up consultations were also greatly appreciated.


I found the experience really informative, fun and positive.


I would recommend The Pack Leader to anyone who needs advice on dog behaviour.  It is very reassuring to be given the skills and knowledge so you can do the right thing for your much loved pets."


Sally, on behalf of Flash and Shadow


“We have two dogs, one of which is a real handful due to her naturally high energy levels and slight anxiety.


Kerrie has worked hard with us to find ways to manage that anxiety and deal with a number of other issues.  She has a real passion for dogs and genuinely seems to care deeply about the dog’s welfare and happiness.


Her advice is always practical, makes complete sense and is easy to follow.


My wife and I would not hesitate to recommend Kerrie to any dog owner if they are experiencing behavioural problems or if they just want to better understand their dog. Thanks Kerrie.”


David, Holly & Willow's owner

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